thoughtful beginning…

Helllooooooo the thoughtful world this is Shikha…..

I am starting my thoughtful journey as #blogger #thoughtful #happy with warm greetings to the world and its beautiful people..

Each morning i start my day with the thoughtful mood which makes me feel that I’m not alone at all only just because of this thoughts.. like mine.. other also starts their day with some beautiful thoughts and it varies from person to person have their own perceptions..

I used my blog’s very first title as”thoughtful beginning…” Because I want to world keep share this thoughts without any boundaries for the betterment of the world, its creatures, creator and to the nature obviously..

I never find myself  just because of this thoughts? #don’t know; Sometimes they gives me positive vibes either doubtful too but that all are mine which makes me thought like that..

But I never try to force to make yours thoughts like mine because i knew that the world is dynamic so obviously people also have unique personality!! And they have at-least freedom (gods-blessing) to thought about…..

THEN, a thought comes into my mind why people forcing their thoughts on others ???

#Bytheway I don’t care that those who thought that its fantasy world of a person who is someway thoughtful” #excuseme blast that bubble because if you don’t have your own thoughts then what you are??river_thoughtful_tea_towel_51206
Answer yourself not to me…
Because I thought that your thoughts make you a better person and foremost the true human being…

And as I said its just thoughtful beginning… so it’s not going to end here…..

🙂 the only thought to the world and its people keep yourself thoughtful… happy.. happy.. be beautiful.. be thoughtful… be yourself… be real… love your thoughts, appreciate it and keep calm….                                                                                                                                           take care of yourself, the world, its people and what you thought……  🙂